We are excited to spend the summer learning how the greatest decision we can make is to let Jesus guide and direct our lives! There’s nothing quite like the circus! The personalities and the acts under the big tent entertain us and leave us saying “Wow!” “Can you believe that!?”. When we open God’s word, we can have a similar excitement as we read some of the amazing, interesting, and powerful stories throughout the Bible. All these incredible stories help tell us more about God, who He is, and point us to the greatest man to ever walk this earth, Jesus.


Week 1: Daniel, The Lion Tamer

Week 2: Deborah, The Bearded Lady

Week 3: Elijah on the Flying Trapeze

Week 4: Sarah the Laughing Clown

Week 5: Shadrach, Meschach, & Abednego ,The Fire Eaters

Week 6: Samson, The Strong Man

Week 7: Peter, The Escape Artist

Week 8: Goliath, The Giant

Week 9: Esther, The Courageous Queen

Week 10: Jesus, The Greatest Showman


Weekly Rates

(ages based on 2019-2020 school year)

Kindergarten-5th Grade

$175.00 + $50 registration fee

Pre-K 4’s


Pre-K 3’s 


Pre-K 2’s